Investor Group 300k(L)

Back since the very start i had plans to enable crew and passengers of the Normandie to benefit from the growth and success of their ship of choice.
I introduced the subscription service and the 10% share on subcriptions for referring new subscribers to our service, which has been a way to give out a little reward of the Normandie's success based on this.
But not everyone is a promoter or likes to advertise - i have been spending a great deal of time in thinking up other ways to allow everyone to take part in the exciting venture of ToS Normandie and i came up with a solution which i knew would need time before it could work.
We first needed to prove ourselfs as being a reliable trustworthy service which is in for the long run and we have done amazingly well doing so. Therefore today is the day where i want to give all Normandie crew and passengers, fans and supporters the possibilty to take part in the further expansion of the ToS fleet (1 mothership operational 'Normandie', 1 mothership in preparation 'Ark Royal'). Today i announce the launch of the 'ToS investor group 300k(L)' - join in and support the growth of the 'to be' largest spacefleet in entropia universe - read about your benefits further below, following two possible investment opportunities. (*1)

Investment Opportunity - crew / VIP status

One opportunity is the investment to gain crewstatus/vipstatus onboard, so after one years time if you request withdrawal you would get the exact same amount of peds back and your ROI would have been the free passage onboard of the Normandie either as crew or as vip.
3500 ped investment gives crewstatus on the Normandie and her affiliated ships (with an annual subscription fee of 900ped this equals a ROI of 25,71%, compared to a monthly subcription fee of 100ped in crew the ROI would be 34,29%, keep in mind you would get access to all the ships of the fleet as they come into operation - not just the Normandie). 7000 ped investment gives vip status on the Normandie and her affiliated ships (with an annual subscription fee of 1800ped this equals a ROI of 25,71%, compared to a monthly subcription fee of 200ped as vip the ROI would be 34,29%, keep in mind you would get access to all the ships of the fleet as they come into operation - not just the Normandie). Alternately 3 CLD's for crewsubscription or 6 CLD's for vip subscription would be accepted (for comparison - the current average ROI of a CLD can be viewed here - based on a marketvalue of ~1.2k per deed the actual average ROI alltime on CLD's would be 21.43%).

Investment Opportunity - revenue share

The second opportunity is to become an investor for a share of revenue generated by the ToS fleet. This is possible with investments of any size up to the current group limit of 300k. In addition to the below listed conditions such an investor would receive free crewstatus if investing more than 12k ped and free vip status if investing more than 20k ped for the time being invested.

50% of the ToS fleet revenue will be payed out to the investors according to their share of the 300k investment volume of the group.
The ROI in the first year of expansion is to be expected between 7-21% but is highly bound to fluctuate based on further developments in space and the development of entropia universe as a whole.
There is no supported way in the system to prove/document daily/monthly or annual income. This will be a trust based investment - your safety will be my reputation and the fact that i want this to be successful to support further expansion in future.
I will keep the right to buy you out of your investments, when preparing stage 2 of the ToS expansion, in this case i will pay an additional 20% on your invested capital.

The payout of revenue share will be done every 6 months after joining the investor group.
All investments will be locked up into the fleet for one year. Withdrawals need to be requested latest 2 months before the year has passed, otherwise the investment will be prelonged by another year. Exceptions are possible on a case by case base, but will not be guaranteed - keep in mind your money will be invested in the growth of the fleet and therefor needs time to be reliquidated if requested - either by a deposit of myself, a payout from the revenue or through the sale of a spacecraft of the fleet.

The ToS Starfleet is taking offers of current privateer/mothership owners to either sell their ship for peds or a respective share in the ToS investor group. If becomming part of ToS Starfleet as a current spacecraft owner you will have the option to apply to remain the respective ships captain or pilot and will still be able to utilize the ship for skilling/hunting within the times avaiable in the ToS schedules and according to the ToS Rules of conduct and also be able to perform documented warpflights for personal needs if covering the costs or ressources needed.
The expansion goal for the first stage is the aquisition of 4 spacecrafts and to raise them to secure SI levels where needed before putting them into operation - thereby growing the entire fleet into 6 very strong spacecrafts.
Each spacecraft will be assigned to operate one planet (existing ones and those still to come), with the ToS Normandie running the main transport route and watching as a guardian over the other ships of the fleet ready to warp in should any of the ships need help.
All ships of the fleet will run an interconnected flightschedule allowing passengers a straight flight from and to calypso and switching between spacecrafts to reach all planets in the universe.
Summoning for all ships will be provided at calypso and for ToS Normandie on Arkadia, other planets will require passengers to fly up by shuttle to join the flight until mindark implements a solution to assign summoning rights to the respective ships captain. Our aim will be to have motherships with atmospheric departure possibility for calypso, arkadia and rocktropia plus maybe one other planet and to run privateers for the remote / less traffic planets/places(stations (in case mindark opens up some good deep space hunting grounds in the near future),foma,crystal palace).
Please be aware that the aquisition and upgrade of several spacecrafts at economical prices as well as getting them to work operational with a reliable crew that has been trained on the ToS Normandie before will take time and might exceed the first year of this investment group even if the needed capita is raised early on. Therefor the raised investment capita will be held for maximum gains in CLD's until we can make a good deal in spacecraft aquisition. Any ROI gained from CLD's will count to the revenue of the ToS fleet and be redistributed together with the revenue from spacecrafts according to the conditions of the investor group listed above.
If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me for further info.

*1 - Keep in mind even as an investor you will still have to obide by the ToS rules of conduct while onboard or in the fleets vicinity, failure will result in an payout of the investment within 2 months time without any bonus.


Q: If investment is made with CLDs, will a like number of CLDs be returned when (if) the investor chooses to withdraw? (Great Dane)
A: Wheter CLDs can be returned or not will depend if the Investor group is still holding CLDs at the time of withdrawal or if all money has been invested in spacecrafts. There will be the option for investors to notify if they would like to receive their CLD's back at a time of withdrawal so that a certain amount of CLD's can be kept for such withdrawal requests. This request will need to be put up when making the investment and can not be changed later on should market values change.

Q: In case of emergency, lets say you get sick and you dont have acces to internet and EU, who will be second in charge? (Babaroga )
A: I have been ingame since i started this service every single day. I have trustworthy commanding officers in place to keep the service up should i really become unable to do so and i have one highly trustworthy person who agreed to take over and manage a respective payout to investors in case of my death. My account is gold card secured and i'm the only person with access to it till the moment of the above mentioned case where the access would shift.

Q: Do you offer any kind of colateral? (Babaroga)
A: This is the next step up from subscriptions just on a larger scale, it is an trustbased investment in the same form as CLDs which also hold zero TT value. Your security is the reputation of myself and the service which has been build up. The subscription service runs on the trust of many passengers some of which have been subscribing for a years time upfront.

Q: Will you provide personal info to investors? Or is your avatar reputation only guarantee? (Babaroga)
A: At this point it is planned to keep this 100% ingame investments, i already have been in talk with some investors who prefer to keep their personal info as well. So i have decided to not do realworld contracts on this stage of the investor group.

Q: Is it possible to invest smaller amounts over time, on a long-term basis? (Gearate)
A: Yes this is possible. Investments will be counted to each first of the following month and you can increase your investment once each month. However the respective lockdown of the investment in the fleet for one year will count for each new investment separately. This option also is only possible for as long as there are still free shares of the 300k limited group avaiable. The above mentioned investment method is only avaiable for the shares in revenue not for the free crew or vipstatus - those amounts have to be paid in one go.

Q: Is it possible to invest as Soc? (Mr-Joey)
A: Yes there is 2 ways in which investments as Soc are possible:
#1: The investment will be registered on the socs name and by the name of the person submitting the investment on behalf of the soc. The soc-leader needs to be present to confirm the investment if the person who is doing the transaction on behalf of the soc is not the leader. Names and investments put together from soc members for the investment under a soc tag are managed soc internal. The person doing the invest on behalf of the soc is elegiable to receive the benefits of free crewstatus or vipstatus when the respective invest is met and therefore utilizing ToS Normandie flights to the benefits of his/her soc. Withdrawal requests can be put up by the socleader or the beforementioned Responsible. The payout occurs to the person who made the investment or if that person is no longer member of the soc to the socleader. Should both persons have changed the current leader and one officer of the soc need to be present to confirm the transaction on behalf of their soc. Please be aware that ToS starfleet is not responsible for how soc internal investor groups are managed.
#2: Every soc member does their investment straight with me but mentioning that its a soc investment. The total amount invested by the soc will be calculated by myself - if the investment sums for free crew/vip status are met the socleader will be asked to appoint one person of the soc to receive the benefits. The appointment can be changed by the socleader once per month. Each member of the soc will be able to withdraw on their own.