Become one of our customers and earn your money back!

Every customer who buys our transport flatrate for 100 Peds per month will be able to travel on our fleet to every planet of the universe.
You can join the scheduled flights as often as you want, traveling with the ToS fleet on every day of your subscription time.
And in addition to one of the cheapest services of interplanetary travel available in the entropia universe you can earn your money back! All you have to do is tell your friends about our service!
For every friend who subscribes to our service you will receive 10% of his subscription fee back per month and your friends can do the same! You will receive your monthly payment for as long as you are subscribed to this service yourself.
This flatrate is a spacestation to spacestation/atmosphere offer only! We will provide summon to orbit whenever possible within our scheduled docking times.


Ticket Type Cost Equivalent cost per flight
1 Flight 10ped 10ped
5 Flights 30ped 6ped
10 Flights 50ped 5ped
100 Flights 400ped 4ped
1000 Flights 3000ped 3ped


Subscription Type Cost Equivalent cost per flight*
Crew 1 month 100ped 0.54ped
VIP 1 month 200ped 1.085ped
Crew 6 month 500ped 0.45ped
VIP 6 month 1000ped 0.9ped
Crew annual 900ped 0.405ped
VIP annual 1800ped 0.8ped


Investment Type Invested amount Equivalent cost per flight
Investor Crew status 3500ped 0ped
Investor VIP status 7000ped 0ped

Scheduled warpflights are charged per planet/station you are going to visit.

Joining in on repairs is encouraged as the ship offers enough security to let you log out in time when needed.

For scheduled flights you have to match departure times. The ship does not wait.

People signing for transport on a flight that is executed as a roundtrip will be charged as if its one warpflight only even thought there will be stops inbetween. Traders that want to visit several planets have to sign the respective ticket.

People who disconnect after getting onboard while not having payed will be carried over but if they cant get back till the ship goes further on its schedule they will be removed from guestlist.

Everyone is expected to be prepared for ticket payment. Dont wait for being asked. When you havent been charged by me in advance of the flight i expect the payment directly uppon arrival onboard to keep waiting times on this at a minimum and allow for smooth schedule to aid all customers and crew.

DISCLAIMER: This service is limited to the number of available seats per flight. In case the ship is full and you can't enter please contact the captain or myself (John Black Knight) to request an additional seat / the schedule for the next flight or an special out of schedule flight. The best customer service is our main priority and we encourage you to provide feedback on the service through our contact page or commanding officers in place. Subscription prices may change depending on how often the service is used or if the schedules are extended.