About Titans of Space

Titans of Space is a society dedicated to space operations and explorations within the Entropia Universe.
We offer an universal transport, spacecraft rental and event service based on our Fleet.
We connect all known planets in space with one of the most economical transport services avaiable. Check the Pricelist for more info.

Our main goal is to provide a secure and reliable transport through the dangers of space.
Since the first day of operation (1 July 2011) there has been transports every single night. Since the ships are not allowed to fly under the ToS without having a huge Structural Integrity (currently Normandie is the strongest ship in the Entropia Universe) it's perfectly safe for the crew to "dock" at a planet's atmosphere, providing to the passengers the ability to safely drop to the planet, skipping SS teleport fee.

To provide those services Titans of Space is working together with leaders and members of many great societies.


The ToS Normandie is an Aniara-class mothership which currently is the largest class of starships within the Entropia Universe.
'Mandie', as she is called by the crew and its most dedicated Captain Alaina Bonnie Scotia, has been upgraded to be the by far strongest ship in the universe.
The ship currently has a total Structural Integrity of over 200,000. It is operated with subwarp module I allowing a traveling speed of 46.8 km/h and armament device III for the simultaneous usage of 11 of the 19 active mothership plasma gun turrets. The Normandie is the first and currently only mothership utilizing warp drive IV and V.
Since her first day of operation (1st July 2011) ToS Normandie has been providing 100% secure transport to all her passengers. This is possible due to a great and motivated crew which loves space and 'Mandie'.

Ark Royal

The Aniara-class mothership Ark Royal is the latest aquisition of the fleet.
It is currently undergoing upgrades to meet the high security requirements established by the Titans of Space standards.


There is the possibility of earning peds due to being a part of the crew (see pricelist).

As an update to the repeated requests on becomming a pilot or gunner on the ships of our fleet: there is no way to join as a pilot or gunner.
Signing up for our service always means you start out in repaircrew contributing to the ship's survival showing on most flights that you are an active member of the crew. If you do this regularly and let the ship's captain Alaina Bonnie Scotia or myself know that you would like to become a gunner you may get asked to join the gunners team to defend the ship when the need arrises and a spot is open.
Only regular members of the gunner team who defend the mothership on her passenger flights often get to participate in hunting space horrors with mothership guns. Only regular members of the gunner team who also show commanding abilities and have the intention of doing their best on every position that needs to be filled, will get the opportunity to become a commanding officer onboard. Only commanding officers will get the opportunity to pilot a mothership when the need arrises and a spot opens up. Only piloting commanding officers may get the opportunity to one day command their own ship as the Titans of Space Starfleet keeps growing.

Those rules are in place to ensure the highest level of customer care, trust and security to our passengers and other travelers in space to make sure the Normandie never opens fire on a friendly target due to an unexperienced gunner or gunner with wrong intension. Some space transport providers out there offer pilot / gunner rights to most or many of their crew who sign up / join their service - Titans of Space is not such a service provider for us safety and trust comes first - we deem it highly risky to give a ship of such power into the hands of someone who might be hired by pirates and therefor have a very progressive command chain in place to make sure our crew consists of highly trustworthy crewmates and the ship at all times obides by our rules of conduct and protective to peaceful travelers in space.