Rules of Conduct

The Aniara-class mothership Normandie is the flagship of the Arkadia Star Fleet and is out in space to protect and secure interplanetary traderoutes and provide the cheapest and safest possible way of transport. Everyone who joins the ship on its way beyond the stars will become part of its mission and accepts the rules of conduct.

Entering the ship

By boarding the ship you agree to be assigned as a repaircrew assistant upon arrival.(*1) You have to be prepared for this job (RK-5 + wires) or ready to buy the needed tool and wires on board.

It is expected from you that you work together with everyone on board to survive the dangers of space. All crewmates and passengers on board listen and follow the orders given by the officers/captain and commander in place.

If you have questions on how to succeed in your onboard tasks and how it all works together please check with your officer or captain in place.

What happens on board stays on board - when traveling through the depths of space we are one crew - one team - differences between individuals or societies get left behind planetside.

Behaviour onboard for everyone is expected respectful and polite. You agree to not use onboard Force and Voicechat for accusation of other crewmates/passengers. If you have an issue with another crewmate try to clarify this in private message or with the help of an officer. You agree to not talk down other societies, rate them or share/ask for society internals.

'Spamming' in force/voicechat is not allowed. If you need to advertise something while onboard you have to use the trade channel.

If you damage or take the property of a crewmate/passenger while onboard or in the vicinity of the Normandie you will get in contact and excuse/refund where possible. This includes the full planetside to planetside travel.

You will not attack the Normandie at any point or time.(*2)

Leaving the ship

All passengers and crewmates going to leave the Normandie with a shuttle will gather in the hangar and pilots will join a squadron to head planetside together.

If you dont have an own shuttle and are not planning to use the teleporter you need to inform the captain at the start of your travel when asked in force chat.


While the Normandie does not allow acts of piracy in its vicinity (*3) there is no limitation (*4) to what its crewmembers may or may not do in their freetime when out of the Normandies vicinity as long as they respect the EULA.


*1 - VIP passengers are excluded from the assignment if they wish. For information on how to become a VIP passenger please see our Pricelist.
*2 - Until told otherwise by the captain in place to test the repaircrew.
*3 - Except against pirates.
*4 - General rules of behaviour are still in place and everyone should be aware how his/her freetime activities may impact onboard activities and interaction.