VIP Flights

25 Ped per jump for normal passengers.
15 Ped per jump for basecrew and crewsubscribers.
14 Ped per jump for VIP subscribers.
10 ped per additional passengers you want to take along.
Subscribers join on all flights scheduled or booked vip for free.

You will be able to use the below listed multipasses now for VIP flights as well !!
Your multipass will be charged by 7 flights per vip flight this results in:
300 Ped Multipass - 100 flights -> 14 vip flights (--> 21ped per jump)
4000 Ped Multipass - 2000 flights -> 285 vip flights (--> 14ped per jump)

While the multipasses' valid period is unlimited, please be aware that the VIP exchange rate to use them for vip flights is bound to the avaiabilty of generic fuses and therefore has to be adjusted should they become more rare again. Because of this, the VIP exchange rate for multipasses will be updated quarterly.
For VIP flights the number of flights is counted starting from Normandie's current location.

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